Innovative remediation  techniques shall not be deemed universal for all environmental issues, even in the abiotic field. Within its R&D activities, the EPS company investigates not only the completely novel remediation techniques developed through grant research, but also intensively works on the optimization of acquired methods to increase their efficacy and environmental friendliness.

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Another key activity is learning and verifying the leading-edge methods recently published in the scientific literature. Crucial is not only the top-equipped laboratory, but also the highly experienced work team capable to operatively solve wide range of environmental tasks. As part of the environmental service, the EPS of course offers its research capacities to our clients to address their requirements and needs.
The material and technical resources put EPS company among the exceptionally equipped ones. The company also manages its own collection of microorganisms sporting a wide range of environmentally usable capabilities.
The company R&D activities are supported by the collaboration with other excellent scientific institutions. In addition to analytical services,
EPS laboratories also provide model testing of different technologies (ISCO, nano-Fe etc.), treatment of organic waste (by anaerobic digestion processing), soil remediation and clean up of contaminated air mass, water, soil, sludge, and waste.