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The facility comprises of three concrete-lined pits (of which one is closed and two are accessible for vehicles), and of manipulation tracts at both ends of the pits. All surfaces have hydrologically secured reinforced concrete structure and each of the pits has its own drainage sump for rain water run-off. Thanks to this set-up, it is possible to simultaneously conduct different activities at all three pits.
Based on the amount of wastes accepted into the facility, it is possible to use for composting also the surfaces intended for construction waste recycling or phytomass storage. And vice versa, the spaces for composting may be used for construction waste recycling or phytomass storage, instead.
In July 2011, the EPS, s.r.o. company launched the operation of composting plant EPS - Nový Dvůr. The new multipurpose facility (composting plant, recycling center, phytomass storage) is situated within the grounds of EPS biogas plant in Nový dvůr 1675, 686 04 Kunovice. Processing of wastes intended for composting is limited strictly on this space.
The area usable for composting covers approximately 2000 m2 (the total facility area spans 2450 m2), material piling is feasible up to  2,5 m. Within one year, it is possible to exchange the material for composting maximally twice at this area. Hence, one can infer that the maximum annual capacity of the facility 10 000 m3, i.e., 7 500 tonnes.

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